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Embarking on Expansion to Welcome the Start of Work: Breaking Waves and Reaching New Heights


    "As the east wind blows, the war drums beat," on February 18th, marking the auspicious start-of-work day for JMD in 2024, a unique launch and expansion activity kicked off in the JMD Park. All staff were spirited and eager, welcoming the year 2024 with great enthusiasm.

The morning military training, organized by ranks and squads, aimed to enhance the leadership of the management and the cohesion of the entire staff. Commands such as "at ease," "attention," "straddle," and "march in step," though seemingly simple, contained deep implications of obedience and execution ability. Despite the scorching weather, no one fell behind. In just half a day of intensive training, significant progress was made. The initial loose and uncoordinated performance transformed into an efficient and orderly ceremony, highlighting the limitless potential of every JMD member and the strong cohesion of the team. As Mr. Zheng Bin, the chairman, said, "An individual's ability is limited, but the energy of the team is infinite."

The afternoon training was educational and fun, testing each team's collaborative abilities through games like Challenge No.1, Battle on the Sand, and the Circle of Excellence. Taking the Circle of Excellence as an example, a series of escalating challenges put pressure on each team member, requiring the release of individual limits and efficient team collaboration to avoid harsh penalties from the instructors. Laughter and joy also brought team members closer together, making JMD not just a company, but a family.

    As the sun set, the closing ceremony of the camp concluded successfully, with representatives of the participants sharing their feelings and gains. "Obedience and collaboration" were the most mentioned takeaways, which will be integrated into their work in the future to build a more efficient JMD.


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