Founded in 1994

Perseverance and Excellence

Established in 1994, JMD is dedicated to the design and manufacture of top-quality print finishing solutions for both traditional and digital printing. As the market leader in the graphic arts industry, JMD’s top-quality print finishing systems enjoy the global recognition. More than 80% large sized printing enterprises in China are using JMD print finishing systems. Also, JMD is widely recommended by users from 60+ countries for the stable and reliable machine performance.


With the spirit of “perseverance and excellence, we continue to provide innovative solutions for the customers and committed to make JMD be an international first-class brand. We also look forward to building the cooperation with strong partners worldwide for market expansion, leading our customers and therefore ourselves to great success. 

Leading Technology with Continuous Innovation 



Innovation is our driving force, JMD with leading book binding technology, presently has over 80 national patents and inventions. JMD’s highly automated print finishing systems are state-of-the-art today, and have achieved successful applications with HP, Kodak, Canon, Ricoh and other brands of digital printers. 

While promoting technological innovation, JMD actively advances the industry to higher levels. JMD is the first company who proposed the "4S service concept", and is well known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" of the book binding industry, who are continuously providing skilled personnel training and delivering thousands of talents to the industry. Together with the Printing Association, JMD holds the "JMD Cup" and undertakes activities such as the "National Printing Industry Binding Skills Competition Finals" to positively contribute to the industry development.

Market Expansion with Global Partners

With the swift advancement of digital and smart printing technology, the print finishing is becoming a critical process for improving the production efficiency. In order to cater to the increasingly diverse and personalized demands in the print finishing process, JMD has introduced a range of smart, user-friendly and highly efficient solutions to fulfill requirements such as multiple varieties, high quality and short lead time.

JMD products have gained access to over 80% of major printing enterprises in the Chinese market. To further expand our market and raise brand awareness of JMD, we now invite global partners to join us in promoting JMD products to customers worldwide.

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