Development history


Cambridge-12000 high-speed binding line titled”Fine Printing Award of the second session in Yangtze River Delta region” and the first prize of "Four new" achievements. Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. was recognized as a specialized and sophisticated small&medium-sized enterprise that produced new and unique products in Shenzhen.


JMD titled the "Excellent Organization Unit" for”7th National Vocational Skills Competition on Printing Industry”.Cambridge-12000 high-speed binding line titled the "quality brand of machinery industry"


Mr.Zheng Bin, the founder of the company, received the industry's highest honor”the 15th BS Printing Outstanding Achievement Award”. Cambridge -12000 high speed binding line got the first prize of "Science and Technology Award".JMD was selected as one of the first education and training bases for Chinese printing talents.


Cambridge -12000 high speed binding line titled the "mechanical industry outstanding product of reform and open up 40th Anniversary”


Moving to new JMD digital Culture Industrial Park, marks the new stage of development


JMD full servo binding line Challenger-6000e access to the market


The latest model of JMD Digital Robot 2000C was launched in China Print 2013 exhibition


The flagship model Rose-12000 of JMD saddle stitches had been developed successfully,which was joint researched by JMD and German engineers. It was in accordance with European standards with speed up to 12,000 copies/H.


JMD Cambridge-12000 binding line was developed successfully, its highest speed reached up to 12000 copies/H.This major breakthrough caused great attention in the industry.Then this product was quickly applied to large book printing enterprises such as Anhui Xinhua,China Commerce,Beijing Xinhua etc. In the field of Digital printing,Digital Robot 2000A was developed successfully. On-demand printing production line in Asia was assembled by this product together with Kodak Dingsheng's Prosper1000 continuous ink jet printer and Swiss Hunkeler,which had attracted great attention.


Pearls-8000 saddle stitches was developed successful, which marks the accession to the field of saddle stitches.


Company production base moved to Luotian,Songgang Shenzhen.


The first domestic Diamond-110 automatic sewing machine was developed successfully.


Company production base moved to Tang Xiayong, Songgang Shenzhen.


Elliptical binder machine with 3 and 4 clamps was developed first time,which broke the monopoly of disc binder, and became the main model of perfect binding machine for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, which promoted the rapid development of perfect binding technology.


"JBB-50B linear binding machine" was developed successfully, with innovative development of side gluing by rolling, the national utility patent was obtained.


Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD was founded by Mr. Zheng Bin,which located in Bagualing Industrial Zone, Futian, Shenzhen

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (2015)

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (2015)

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (2007)

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (2007)

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (2004)

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (2004)

JBB-50B linear binding machine (1997)

JBB-50B linear binding machine (1997)

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (1994)

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., LTD. (1994)

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