Inherit the post-printing classics and facilitate development of the industry

Talent training concept

JMD helps you to keep your staffs up-to-date, optimize your production and continuously adapt it to production requirements. Since 2006, JMD has been organizing all-around customer training sessions every year, in which your machine operators and technical service personnel will pick up numerous tips and tricks to maximize the equipment performance and production capacity.

23 Province

Covering 23 provinces 

2000 +

Thousands of senior talents had been trained

40 +

Nearly 50 training courses had been launched so far

Course Introduction

The training programs are targeted to provide the practice-oriented technical knowledge and the latest industry know-how for our customers.

Course content

Practically oriented training courses combine theory and practice, including difference excise on the machine operation, adjustment and maintenance etc.

Course objects

Help our customers to maximum the production efficiency and keep up with the market change,  as well as to promote the industry development.

Number of trainees

Maximum 40 people in one course to ensure best training effect. The training courses can also be tailored to your specific requirements.

Training system

To meet the training demand of different customers, the following three training methods can be provided:

·JMD factory training:comprehensive technical training is offered to your staffs by JMD professional lecturer team at JMD training center.
·Customer on-site training:JMD professional service engineers will visit customer's site and provide professional technical training.
·Online training:For customers who cannot participate in offline training, online training will be held regularly.

Training Center

JMD training center is located in the JMD Industrial Park, which aims to improve the skills of operators and maintenance personnel.


The trainees will attend the training on the theory at the training conference center, and also do the exercise at JMD workshop, which enables your staffs to master the operation and commissioning of equipment.


Training Team

JMD owns a professional training team composed of experienced senior engineers, through which your staffs can skillfully operate, adjust and maintain the equipment, in order to make the equipment in the best performance, and help you get quick return on the investment.

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