Service and support

Professional and comprehensive support provides protection for your investment including maintenance, repair, original spare parts and consumables.

→ Quick response to minimize the down time
→ Quick supply of high quality spare parts                             

→ Experienced specialists provides reliable protection for your equipment

If you need spare parts or technical support and service, please call us at 0086-755-82059561 or email us at

Service and support
Quick Response in 24 Hours
 Professional Technical Support

→ Professional Technical Support

JMD is devoted to offering excellent service and support for our customers through a network of experienced service technicians and our local sales agencies.

→ Quick Response in 24 Hours

Quick response will be offered by professional technical team after receiving the request from the customers, in order to minimize the down time and ensure the smooth production.

→ Extensive Training Programs

To support you and share our decades of expertise and innovative ideas with you, training courses by certified trainers can be taken out in JMD’s training centre, which will provide the extensive courses on both the operation and the maintenance of the machine.

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