Spare parts service guide

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→ Provide professional and timely technical service support to reduce equipment downtime
→ Provide fast and high-quality spare parts supply to ensure that spare parts are delivered to customers in time
→ Provide expert repair services with years of experience to maintain and improve the profitability of equipment

You can get professional technical support and services by calling the Precision Service hotline.
After-sale service:0755-29866930 / 18902482594

Genuine parts

· JMD support structure: front-line service engineer team - headquarters technical support team - headquarters R&D manager team
· JMD has more than 30 experienced front-line service engineers to provide customers with professional and timely after-sales services to ensure the operation and production of equipment.

Genuine product delivery, quality assurance, timely response, and assured procurement

In case of equipment failure, respond quickly to customer needs within 2 hours and propose corresponding solutions.

→ Regular inspection every year

Every year, JMD will carry out regular inspection for customers' equipment, understand the operation of equipment, and provide maintenance suggestions for customers. Through periodic maintenance of the equipment, the failure rate is reduced, the use cost is reduced, and the high production efficiency of the equipment is guaranteed.

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