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New Year Debut | JMD Newbridge Teams Up with Hunan Tianwen to Forge an Intelligent Frontier


As the new year begins, everything is refreshed and rejuvenated. JMD's flagship product, the Newbridge intelligent perfect binding production line, is undergoing intense debugging. This product, set to be the first shipment of 2024, is soon to be installed at the National Printing Demonstration Enterprise - Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.

Since its debut at the 2023 PrintChina Exhibition, the Newbridge perfect binding line has garnered widespread attention within the industry, leading to successive orders from numerous customers.

Serving as a crucial component of Hunan Tianwen's intelligent factory, the Newbridge perfect binding line will bolster the intelligent development process of Hunan Tianwen Xinhua. For further updates and relevant information, stay tuned to JMD's official WeChat account.

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