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Inherit Excellence, Win in Post-print | JMD's 33rd & 34th Perfect Binder Training Successfully Concluded!


JMD's Perfect Binder Skills Training

Helping you regularize enterprise management,

Unify operation modes,

Train highly skilled talents,

Maximize production benefits,

Ensure consistent quality,

Inherit excellence, win in post-print,

JMD is willing to join hands with you for a win-win future.


Talent is the driving force of industry innovation. To address the shortage of highly skilled talents in the industry, promote the development of high-quality talents in the printing industry, and enhance post-print binding quality, JMD has been hosting "JMD Perfect Binder Training" for 15 consecutive years since 2006. So far, 34 sessions have been successfully held, exporting thousands of high-level skilled talents for the industry. Our training aim is to standardize production operation processes, breaking the traditional master-apprentice teaching model through the combination of hands-on practice and theory. This enables students to operate machines according to unified standardized processes, improve their technical level, and maximize production benefits. Over the years, our perfect binder training has received consistent praise from printing businesses within the industry.


33rd & 34th Perfect Binder Training in 2021

In October and November 2021, JMD successfully held the 33rd and 34th perfect binder training sessions. More than 60 trainees from over 20 printing companies nationwide attended and successfully completed the 10-day perfect binder system training and passed the final exam, receiving training certificates. Each session selected several outstanding students who demonstrated exceptional performance to receive "Outstanding Student" certificates. All students attended with a positive and serious attitude, full of enthusiasm for learning, aiming to learn, achieve, and apply new skills and knowledge.


Outstanding Students from the 33rd Session

(Note: From left to right - Shen Jing, Zhao Jianhua, Han Lijun; Right second - Bai Hongwei; Right first - JMD's Deputy General Manager Liu Wen)


Introduction of Outstanding Students from the 33rd Session

Four outstanding students were selected in this session:

- Zhao Jianhua from Jiangsu Gaochun Printing Co., Ltd.
- Shen Jing from Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.
- Bai Hongwei from Guangxi Ethnic Printing & Packaging Group Co., Ltd.
- Han Lijun from Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Shao Yang Co., Ltd.


Congratulations to them for receiving the "Outstanding Student" certificate of honour!


Outstanding Students from the 34th Session

(Note: From left to right - Instructor Li Mengcheng, Lei Zhan Cheng; Right second - Li Yongjie; Right first - JMD's Deputy General Manager Liu Wen)


Introduction of Outstanding Students from the 34th Session

Two outstanding students were selected in this session:

- Lei Zhan Cheng from Guangdong Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. Nanhai Branch
- Li Yongjie from Jilin Heidelberg Printing Co., Ltd.


Congratulations to them for receiving the "Outstanding Student" certificate of honour!


On-site Practical Class

Instructor Li elaborated on the operation methods and details of the perfect binder, guiding the students in operation exercises. The students listened carefully, fully engaged, actively asked questions, and interacted with the teacher, showing great interest in the practical class.

(Cambridge 12000 Perfect Binder Practical Class)


Practical Exam

(Cambridge 12000 Perfect Binder Practical Exam)


The training mainly covered models like the perfect binder production line 12000/8000/7000/6000, etc. The training revolved around actual operation, adjustment, maintenance, care, as well as electrical theory, post-print binding process, and analysis of binding quality defects. Through the training, the students mastered operational skills and theoretical knowledge, understood the machine better, standardized operations, thereby enhancing their technical level, optimizing machine performance, and improving enterprise economic benefits.


Theoretical Class

To ensure consistent quality of books, standardized operation is an essential part. Training is one of the best ways to achieve standardized operational procedures. It not only improves the technical level of employees but also greatly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the work!

Of course, the end of the training is just the beginning of learning. To master the skills, it requires constant practice and accumulation, to achieve a comprehensive understanding and to hone exceptional skills. Only by mastering the most advanced technology can we fight the toughest battles. JMD is willing to share advanced technical experience with you, make efforts and contributions to the training of industry talents, and promote the faster and higher development of the printing industry.

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