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JMD Wins First Prize in the Second Yangtze River Delta Region "Four New" Achievements Awards


Under the guidance of the China Printing Technology Association, supported by the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Printing and Distribution Office, and co-sponsored by the Shanghai Printing Industry Association, Jiangsu Printing Industry Association, Zhejiang Printing Association, and Anhui Printing Association, the second Yangtze River Delta Region Printing Arts Awards and "Four New" Achievements Awards ceremony took place yesterday in Shanghai.

A total of 119 printing arts works won awards, including one grand prize, one public choice award, and 117 gold, silver, bronze, and excellence awards. The "Four New" Achievements Awards selected 24 entries, with four first prizes, five second prizes, and 15 excellence awards.

JMD's Cambridge-12000 High-Speed Intelligent Perfect Binding Line was awarded the first prize in the "Four New" Achievements category. This equipment, which boasts JMD's proprietary intellectual property rights and international advanced technology, has broken the market monopoly of foreign brands in the high-end wireless perfect binding line technology field since its launch. With its high production efficiency, stability, and cost-performance, it has helped numerous printing companies build smart factories, save production costs, and improve their overall economic benefits, thereby promoting the advancement of technology in the intelligent post-printing sector of the printing industry.

       (Mr. Shen Jianyi, General Manager of Shanghai Printing Group and President of Shanghai Printing Industry Association, presents JMD with the "Four New" Achievements First Prize)

("Four New" Achievements First Prize Certificate)


("Four New" Achievements First Prize Trophy)


JMD is grateful to the organizing committee of the Second Yangtze River Delta Region Printing Arts Awards and the "Four New" Achievements Awards for bestowing this honor. JMD will continue to adhere to independent innovation, combining new products with core technologies, enhancing product competitiveness, and contributing to the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.



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