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JMD Attends the "14th Five-Year Plan" Development Summit Forum for the Printing Industry


On July 28th, 2021, the Printing Industry "14th Five-Year Plan" Development Summit Forum, guided by the Central Propaganda Department's Printing and Distribution Bureau, Hunan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, and China Association for Science and Technology Associations Party Committee, sponsored by the China Printing Technology Association, Hunan Printing Association, and Changsha Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, was held in Changsha, Hunan. Leaders from the guiding and sponsoring units, including Wang Quan, First-level Inspector of the Central Propaganda Department's Printing and Distribution Bureau, Lu Zhou, Director of the Printing and Reproduction Department, Chen Yingxin, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Printing Technology Association, Zhang Yunfeng, Director of the Printing and Distribution Department of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yang Gang, President of the Hunan Printing Association, and Liang Feicai, Deputy Director of Changsha Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the City Civilization Office, attended the forum. More than 600 representatives from China Printing Association's Vice-chairman, Executive Directors, various provinces (regions, cities) Printing Associations, China Printing Association's branches, national renowned publishing units, printing and equipment enterprises, scientific research institutions, and media participated in the forum.


Century-Long Red Printing Theme Exhibition

Before the forum, all delegates visited the concurrently held "Century-Long Red Printing" theme exhibition. The exhibition recounted the red memories carried in printed publications, reviewed the century-long struggle history of the Communist Party of China leading the printing work, remembered the past years, eulogized the brilliant achievements of the new era, built the China Dream together, and paid tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.



Introduction of the Development History of Xinhua Printing Factory


Introduction of the Development History of Xinhua Printing Factory


Introduction of JMD's Core Products


the Printing Industry "14th Five-Year Plan" Development Summit Forum



Reflections on the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Printing Industry

Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the Printing Industry "14th Five-Year Plan" Development Summit Forum, where Chairman Zheng Bin shared the development of intelligent post-press manufacturing. At the conference, Chairman Zheng Bin gave a keynote speech on the development of post-press, titled "Reflections on the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Printing Industry", stating that currently printing enterprises are facing three major pain points: rising labor costs, increasingly higher customer quality requirements, shorter delivery times, and increasingly fierce competition among peers. Therefore, post-press equipment must achieve automation and intelligent upgrades across the entire line to ultimately realize the intelligent management of unmanned workshops in factories. In the next 5 to 15 years, we will also face huge opportunities and challenges. The development of digital printing will undergo revolutionary changes at a certain point in the future, changing the pattern of the printing industry.



At present, JMD's products cover two major directions. The first is the traditional post-press digital direction, represented by the Cambridge-12000 high-speed adhesive binding line, which can be perfectly combined with the fast intelligent packaging system, achieving fast speed, high intelligence level, saving labor costs, and increasing efficiency while reducing costs. The second direction is digital post-press, represented by the Digital Foldline 180 folding line, which can seamlessly connect with multiple brands and realize the entire production process from paper roll to finished book.

In conclusion, Chairman Zheng said that China's printing industry is developing rapidly, and China is striving to advance from a printing powerhouse to a printing strong country. Let us all look forward to this day. After the meeting, a reporter from Changsha TV Station interviewed Chairman Zheng Bin.



On the same day, the first of the "Century-Long Red Printing" theme series activities was also held: "Century-Long Red Printing" Theme Report Meeting and the Fourth Executive Director Meeting of the 9th Chinese Printing Association. At the meeting, the guest speakers shared their experiences and stories of being courageous, practicing their original intentions, and forging ahead with innovation from different perspectives. The delegates expressed that the theme of this conference was distinct, with rich content, compact agenda, and highly valuable experiences.



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