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All in Print China Comes to a Perfect Close, and We Will Continue to Forge Ahead!


On October 28th, the four-day 7th China International All in Print Exhibition came to an official close. The buzzing atmosphere still lingers in our ears, and our hearts are filled with emotions. Although the exhibition has ended, the excitement continues, so let's take a comprehensive look at the highlights brought by JMD during this event.


Staying True to Our Original Aspiration, We Remain Steadfast

Staying true to our original aspiration, JMD has been dedicated to post-press binding for 24 years. At this All in Print Exhibition, JMD unveiled its new product Superbinder-8000 Plus perfect binding line at the Smart Factory and played a vital role in the post-processing process.

The impressive live production demonstration not only attracted a large audience, but also caught the attention of leaders including Yan Xiaohong, Deputy Director of the National Committee for Culture, History and Learning of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Wang Yayuan, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department; Liu Xiaokai, Former Director of the General Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television; Wang Yanbin, President of the China Printing Technology Association; and Lu Zhou, Former Director of the Printing and Reproduction Department of the General Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

After watching the demonstration, Director Liu Xiaokai highly praised JMD: JMD represents the international advanced level and is a pride of the national large-scale printing equipment industry.


Intelligentization, Always on the Road

Under the backdrop of intelligentization, JMD adopts a two-pronged approach: traditional post-press and digital post-press. In the field of traditional post-press, JMD has deeply researched and developed a series of highly digital and automated binding equipment, entering more than 90% of Xinhua printing enterprises. In the digital post-press field, JMD has world-leading online and offline digital post-press solutions, and domestic companies such as Hucolor Printing, Shandong Xinhua, Zhejiang Xinhua, and Posts & Telecommunications Printing have chosen JMD.

To further promote the implementation and practice of intelligentization in printing enterprises, JMD signed strategic cooperation agreements on intelligentization with China Publishing & Media Holdings Co., Ltd., Shandong Publishing & Media Co., Ltd., Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Henan Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd., Hubei Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Anhui Wuhu Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Yangzhou Printing Co., Ltd. at the All in Print Smart Factory Demonstration Park. With the power of collaboration, we will surely promote the intelligent development of China's printing industry!


A Perfect Ending, Returning with a Full Load

With the efforts of all JMD staff, the exhibition came to a perfect conclusion, making friends from all over the world, receiving applause, and signing several purchase agreements and letters of intent for the binding lines.

Cambridge 12000 perfect binding line purchase contract

Cambridge 12000 perfect binding line intent to purchase contract

Intelligent saddle stitching binding line cooperation agreement

Intelligent perfect binding line cooperation agreement


Although the exhibition has ended, the passion of JMD's staff has not faded. We sincerely thank all our new and old customers for their trust in JMD and all the print professionals who have been paying attention to JMD! Your trust and attention will strengthen our determination to step into the future!

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