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PRINT CHINA 2023 Special Report | JMD - Combining "Traditional + Digital Post-Press" Solutions


    The 5th China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (PRINT CHINA 2023) will be held as scheduled from April 11th to 15th at the Dongguan Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. As the most eye-catching international event of 2023, this exhibition not only gathers the latest global printing equipment, printing technology, and innovative solutions, but also serves as a weathervane and barometer for global printing industry development trends. To deeply showcase the connotation and value of the 5th Guangdong Printing Exhibition, the "Printing Industry" magazine will successively present the new appearances of major exhibitors in the new development stage, as well as the highlights of their equipment, technology, and solutions to be exhibited. The curtain is opening, let's welcome the top event of the printing industry together!


As the most watched and most potential market in the world, China is also the core region where many domestic and foreign enterprises compete in terms of products, technology, and service capabilities. In the post-printing binding field of the Chinese printing industry, the market competition has attracted the participation of many domestic and foreign enterprises. As China's industrial strength continues to grow, upstream and downstream enterprises in the related industrial chain are also growing rapidly. Some excellent independent brand enterprises have not only made breakthroughs in products and technology, but also gradually won the recognition and praise of customers. JMD, as a representative of the rise of independent brand enterprises, has become the preferred choice for many printing companies through product design and production based on the characteristics of Chinese user needs. According to Mr. Liu Wen, JMD's Cambridge 12000 high-speed adhesive binding line has been widely used in more than 80% of the leading printing companies in the country, and many companies that used to mainly purchase imported equipment have now become JMD's cooperative customers.

Character of this issue: Liu Wen, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. 

Responding to user needs, insight into industry trends, and upgrading service capabilities are tests of the company's comprehensive strength. JMD, with its deep industry cultivation and pursuit of excellence, has set an excellent example for the development of independent brand enterprises.


Focusing on User Needs

"For JMD, 'book and magazine printing' has always been our key market focus, and we have made important layouts in two major parts: one is large-scale Xinhua Printing Group and large-scale private printing companies mainly producing textbooks; the other is the book market. Books, as a type of knowledge consumption product, require more flexibility in production quantity and printing speed. This requires high-speed, efficient, and intelligent equipment to meet these user needs," Mr. Liu Wen provided an in-depth interpretation of the target market user needs faced by JMD, "The biggest feature of textbook printing is the short delivery cycle, for example, the fall 2022 textbooks and spring 2023 textbooks, it can be said that it is the shortest delivery time required for textbook printing companies in history. This allows our Cambridge 12000 high-speed adhesive binding line to play a great advantage, not only can efficiently and high-quality meet the short delivery cycle of textbook printing needs, but also has become the main model for national textbook binding production."


Building Core Advantages

Faced with the increasingly fierce competition in the book and magazine printing market, building core competitiveness is the key to JMD's success. "Exploring the essence of the needs of printing companies is to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. For upstream publishers in the industrial chain, the focus is on ensuring the consistency of quality, achieving faster delivery times, and lower costs, regardless of whether the printing company uses traditional or digital printing methods," Mr. Liu Wen analyzed and predicted the competitive characteristics of the book and magazine printing market, "In the future, the concentration of competition in the book and magazine printing field will become higher and higher. The previous classification model of large companies doing large orders and small companies doing small orders may change to a model where printing companies have to meet different specifications of orders from upstream publishing units. This means that printing companies need to constantly optimize costs and choose suitable printing methods." Therefore, JMD will showcase products and solutions that incorporate its core technology and innovative wisdom at the upcoming 5th China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Print China 2023"), including the digital overall solution for the traditional printing post-press process.

Driven by technology and maximizing product advantages, JMD will not only allow everyone to experience the company's core strength at the Print China 2023 platform but also convey the soft power of the rise of independent brand enterprises to the industry.


Innovation Leads the Future

As a global printing event that brings together innovation, leadership, and internationalization, Print China 2023 is also an important showcase for JMD, a manufacturer of post-press equipment. Building on the technological advantages of the star product, the Cambridge 12000 high-speed adhesive binding line, JMD will exhibit its world premiere product - "NewBridge," short for the new generation of Cambridge. It is a high-end product created by JMD for the future, with advanced technology and excellent performance. It features faster production speed, higher automation, the latest industrial design, and the application of a large number of new materials and processes.

In addition to the innovation of production equipment, JMD is also transitioning from an equipment manufacturer to a solutions provider. This not only means that JMD must continuously break through in technological innovation but also represents the company's solemn commitment to providing one-stop service to customers. From daily maintenance and upkeep of equipment to participating in the training and development of industry talent, JMD is repositioning itself while also demonstrating its sincerity in working hand in hand with customers to create a shared future.

Stable progress, pragmatic innovation. We believe that as an excellent representative of independent brand enterprises, JMD will ride the wind and waves in the new era of opportunities and challenges, and achieve even more outstanding results!



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