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Chasing Light, Endless Pursuit︱JMD's Journey Continues


    On April 15, 2023, JMD's fifth Print China exhibition came to a successful conclusion. Looking back at the event, it featured the global debut of the Newbridge product line, traditional and digital post-press integration solutions, and the strong alliance of the "High-Quality Book and Magazine Post-press Equipment Alliance." Both on-site cooperation signings and the recognition from industry clients and leaders are the best interpretation of JMD's 30 years of strength in post-press.


Newbridge Shines the Brightest

At this exhibition, JMD occupied an area of 1,056 square meters, showcasing the most comprehensive range of products in its history, covering adhesive binding, digital and saddle stitching fields. The products included the globally debuted top-tier Newbridge adhesive binding line, the first-time appearance of the Superbinder-8000e intelligent adhesive binding line, the Digital Robot 2000C digital robot, the Digital FoldLine 180 high-speed folding and cutting line, the Rose-12000 saddle stitching line, the Superbinder-200F adhesive binding machine, and the Splitter-55 cutting machine. The Newbridge, with its minimalist and international design, became the focus of the exhibition, boasting not only a stunning appearance but also a matching extraordinary performance, with a production speed of 12,000 books per hour and a fully automatic adjustment system to meet the development needs of printing companies now and in the future.



Innovation and Integration for Higher Efficiency

Following the market and continuous improvement is JMD's consistent R&D philosophy. JMD closely follows the intelligent trend of the post-press book and magazine market, integrating the high-speed, intelligent, and standardized traditional post-press with the digitized, convenient, and fully connected digital post-press. This innovative integration brings higher post-press quality, faster post-press delivery, and lower post-press costs, helping printing companies quickly capture the market with high-quality and high-efficiency. At the exhibition, JMD's five intuitive integrated solution presentations every day helped many printing companies find their breakthroughs and attracted numerous industry clients to stop by and inquire.



Strong Alliance for High Quality

The "High-Quality Book and Magazine Post-press Equipment Alliance" jointly created by JMD, Dongguan Haoxin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Hongbiaodian Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established on the afternoon of the 12th. The alliance covers adhesive binding, saddle stitching, digital post-press, post-press hardcover, and post-press automation. Mr. Lu Chang'an, advisor to the chairman of the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, delivered the opening speech, hoping that the alliance will promote the continuous improvement of the book and magazine post-press industry chain and advance towards high-quality development.

Mr. Lu Chang'an, Advisor to Chairman of PEIAC




Multiple Signings Demonstrate Strength

On the afternoon of the 12th, JMD welcomed a heavyweight signing ceremony with many well-known domestic book and magazine enterprises, including Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Hebei Xinhua First Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Publishing and Printing Group Co., Ltd., and Xinjiang Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huaiyin Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Hongtu Printing Co., Ltd., based on their recognition and trust in JMD's strength over the years, entered into product purchase agreements with the company, pushing the atmosphere at the exhibition to a new high amidst the enthusiastic celebrations.



Leaders' Affirmation and New Beginnings

Focusing on post-press binding for nearly 30 years, JMD has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship, focusing on R&D and embracing innovation. Its philosophy is highly consistent with the theme of Print China 2023: "Digital Transformation, Fusion Innovation, Intelligent Empowerment, and Green Development." The exhibition attracted Liu Xiaokai, Director of the Printing and Distribution Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, Cai Shugui, Deputy Director of the Printing and Distribution Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, and Wang Wenbin, Chairman of the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, to visit and provide guidance, affirming JMD's continuous innovation in post-press technology and product R&D.

Director Liu Xiaokai of the Printing and Distribution Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department visits and provides guidance


Deputy Director Cai Shugui of the Printing and Distribution Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department visits and provides guidance


Chairman Wang Wenbin of the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association visits and provides guidance


    Chasing light, JMD's journey is endless. What surprises will it bring us in the future? Let us wait and see!


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