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Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication's President Luo Xueke and His Team Visit JMD


On January 27th, Luo Xueke, President of the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Xu Wencai, Vice President, and Liu Zunzhong, Director of the Office, visited the newly built industrial park of JMD for guidance.

Mr. Zheng Bin, Chairman of JMD, led President Luo Xueke and his team through a tour of JMD's newly constructed industrial park and production workshops in the National High-tech Development Zone. President Luo Xueke expressed great admiration for JMD's rapid development and meticulous future planning.

President Luo Xueke and his team also visited the office area to meet with students who graduated from the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, engaging in friendly conversations and understanding their work and living conditions.

Subsequently, both parties had an in-depth exchange on school-enterprise cooperation and talent cultivation. President Luo Xueke expressed his hope that the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and JMD can further strengthen exchanges, fully leverage the advantages of both the institute and the company, carry out deep cooperation in various aspects, train more high-quality talents for the printing industry, and contribute more to the development of China's printing industry.


[JMD] With over 20 years of focus on post-press solutions, our four major product series - wireless adhesive binding, saddle stitching, lock-wire binding, and digital post-press - have penetrated more than 70% of the large and medium-sized commercial and book printing markets in China, making us one of the global leaders in post-print binding equipment innovation.

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