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Timeless Ingenuity · Inheriting Excellence | Successful Completion of the 31st Training Program on JMD Binding and Collating Link Line!


The 31st Training Program on JMD Binding and Collating Link Line

Timeless Ingenuity · Inheriting Excellence

Group Photo of the Graduates of the 31st Training Program


Learning and Applying

The 31st Training Program successfully concluded last week, with approximately 40 participants. These participants, who are key members of printing companies, come from over 20 enterprises in Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, and other regions. Printing enterprises have always attached great importance to the skill training and technical enhancement of their frontline workforce, supporting and encouraging their active participation in each professional training program. By improving their own abilities and qualities, mastering advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills, they can apply what they have learned to create greater value for their companies.


Striving for Excellence and Perseverance!

Awarding of Outstanding Students

(Note: Left 1: Meng Xuan, Left 2: Li Zhangjun, Right 3: Wu Jianxin, Right 2: Feng Yaqiong, Right 1: Chairman Zheng Bin)

(Chairman Zheng Bin presents awards to outstanding students)


Introduction of Outstanding Students

Four outstanding students were selected for this training program:
Guangdong Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. - Wu Jianxin
Hubei Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. - Meng Xuan
Sanhe Zhongsheng Yahao Printing Co., Ltd. - Li Zhangjun
Chengdu High-tech Zone Longjiang Color Printing Factory - Feng Yaqiong
Congratulations to them on receiving the "Outstanding Student" certificate!


Theory Lectures by Training Instructors 

Theory Lectures by Training Instructors

Practical Training Sessions on Site

Practical Training Sessions on Site

The main lecturers for this training session were Mr. Yin Yongjian, Service Department Manager, Mr. Yu Xiwang, Service Department Manager, Mr. Li Mengcheng, Service Department Manager, and Mr. Jiang Li, Electrical Engineer from Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. The training courses mainly covered the daily operation, maintenance, routine troubleshooting, and binding processes of the entire link line equipment. The goal of the training was to enable the participants to fully grasp the characteristics and working principles of binding equipment, become familiar with routine maintenance and troubleshooting, and solve daily problems promptly and smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted machine production, saving production time, and improving the production efficiency and post-press binding quality of enterprises.

Although the training period was short, everyone demonstrated a very positive learning attitude. During the theory lectures, the students took notes on key and difficult points encountered in actual applications. During the practical sessions, everyone listened attentively to the teacher's explanations and analysis, followed the demonstrations, and asked and answered questions. Through the interaction between the instructors and the students, lively explanations, and the stimulation of everyone's learning enthusiasm.

JMD's link line training program has successfully held its 31st edition. With advanced technology, excellent quality, and high-quality after-sales service, JMD has gained recognition and trust from customers. In order to promote the development of the printing industry and cultivate high-level skilled personnel, JMD is willing to share advanced technical experience, engage in in-depth exchanges and discussions with colleagues, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the printing industry.


Colleagues who wish to participate in the 32nd training program are encouraged to sign up quickly! The number of seats is limited to 40. Phone registration is welcome!

Contact Information for Training Registration:

Li Mengcheng - 18902482597

Yin Yongjian - 13922816206

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