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Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Visits; JMD Has a Major Event


The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia is here?

Yes, it's true! The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia has indeed arrived!

No tricks, we have photos to prove it.

Surely, everyone, including myself, is curious about what significant event JMD is involved in.

Why is the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Zahid, appearing next to JMD's binding production line?

Why is JMD's binding production line being featured in major Malaysian media reports?

Why are there crowds of onlookers and media surrounding JMD's binding production line?

Well, it turns out that JMD's Challenger perfect binding line, Pearls saddle stitching line, and Diamond fully automatic thread sewing machine have successfully been deployed at Nasyrul Quran, the world's second-largest and Southeast Asia's largest Quran printing facility.

On June 13th, the opening day of Nasyrul Quran, JMD's binding production line for the Quran officially went into operation. The fast and stable book production process caught the attention of Deputy Prime Minister Zahid and numerous media outlets. Accompanied by senior executives of Nasyrul Quran, Deputy Prime Minister Zahid personally witnessed the entire binding process of the Quran and showed a satisfied smile after inspecting the printing and binding quality of the Quran.

Deputy Prime Minister Zahid of Malaysia (second from left) inspecting the binding quality of the Quran

Coverage by Malaysian National Television

Coverage by Malaysian "The Gazette"

Coverage by Malaysian "New Straits Times"

The Quran is the fundamental scripture of Islam. As the world's second-largest Quran printing facility, Nasyrul Quran in Malaysia pays great attention to the selection of equipment for printing and binding the holy book. After a year of comparative research and on-site visits to manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Manroland, JMD, Matini, Kolbus, and Wohlenberg, the senior management of Nasyrul Quran ultimately chose Heidelberg's eight-color printing machine and JMD's binding production line for perfect binding, saddle stitching, and fully automatic thread sewing. Surely, one of the reasons Nasyrul Quran chose JMD was not only for their internationally competitive technological strength but also their dedicated focus on post-press binding.

Many people may be aware that JMD's products have entered numerous Xinhua printing facilities. In fact, JMD not only occupies over 70% of large and medium-sized book and magazine printing companies in China but also exports its products to more than 30 countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" initiative, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Russia, Poland, Macedonia, and many more.

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