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Special Report on the First Prize of the Bookbinding Final of the National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition--Jiangsu Phoenix Tongda Printing Co., Ltd. -- Hu Weiwei (III)


Inherit the "craftsman spirit"! Cultivate highly skilled talents

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2020 National Vocational Skills Competition -- The Bookbinding final of the 7th National Vocational Skills Competition of Printing Industry was successfully held last year. Bookbinding is the first type included in the competition. Before that one-month pre-competition training was held in Shenzhen JMD. Total 137 workers and students participated in the contest, finally 10 won the first prize, among them 8 received pre-competition training, accounting for 80% of the total winners. 27 out of 30 second prize winners participated in the pre-competition training, accounting for 90%. The purpose of it is to promote participants to study their skills diligently, improve their professional skills, and better understand the technical requirements of the competition. This issue a number of representatives who won the first prize of bookbinding finals were selected for special report, thanks for your attention.


Special Report on 2020 National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition (III) Hu Weiwei

The first prize of the final bookbinding competition

Hu Weiwei Jiangsu Phoenix Tongda Printing Co., Ltd

Captain of JMD Cambridge-12000 binding line


Work hard to win awards

Hu Weiwei, the captain of Cambridge-12000 binding line, had won many honors, such as the outstanding trainee and advanced worker of Jiangsu Phoenix Tongda Printing Co., Ltd., and the first prize of the staff group of the 7th National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition.

In 2016, titled the Excellent trainee of Jiangsu Phoenix Tongda Printing Co., Ltd

In 2018, titled Advanced Worker of Jiangsu Phoenix Tongda Printing Co., Ltd.

In 2019, titled Advanced Worker of Jiangsu Phoenix Tongda Printing Co., Ltd.

In 2020, won the first prize of the staff group of the 7th National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition

In 2020, titled Excellent Team of Jiangsu Phoenix Tongda Printing Co., Ltd.

In 2021, titled National Technical Expert with honor


 diligent in learning and be ambitious

Joined the company in April 2016 and knew nothing about the printing industry. As an apprentice, Hu Weiwei was assigned to the binding workshop to study JMD binding line 8000. Everyone said that the printing industry was bitter, but he knew that "only those who suffer from hardship can become a king of kings". "Genius is the ability of hard work endlessly - Carlisle." He is diligent and eager to learn, and he works hard. Hell learn mechanical knowledge from equipment department as long as he has the opportunity.When there is a problem,he will devote himself to research until solution is found. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. In October 2016, the company introduced a new Cambridge -12000, and he got chance to JMD for training. he cherished it as this was a rare learning opportunity to improve his technical ability. In order to have a deeper understanding of the machine, every time the teacher explained the problems encountered in the disassembly of the machine, he record them carefully , then digested them slowly. He had participated in the training he had a deeper understanding of the machine structure.which enables him to solve problems independently, meanwhile help other colleagues.


Strive bravely for the first

Before the competition, he did a lot of preparation,reading theoretical knowledge every day, consulting with seniors around him. The company also attached great importance to the opportunity of the national skill competition for bookbinding,offered him great support and encouragement, even provided machines for practical training specifically. Of course, he also learned a lot of new knowledge from participating in two sessions of JMD binding line training courses, which helped him a lot in theory and operation skills.

Hu Weiwei said: "It was a great honor to participate in this competition. Through this national printing industry professional skills competition, I had gained a lot, because I joined company for a short time, and I knew little about binding. Through this competition, I learned more new knowledge, which will help me a lot in my work. Thanks for the training and platform provided by  company. I will continue to improve my comprehensive quality and professional skills gradually, make contribution to promote the economic efficiency of the enterprise and the high-quality development of the industry. "

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