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Special Report on the First Prize of the Bookbinding Final of the National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition -- Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. -- Chen Ji (II)


Inherit the "craftsman spirit"! Cultivate highly skilled talents

---JMD series coverage(2)

2020 National Vocational Skills Competition -- The Bookbinding final of the 7th National Vocational Skills Competition of Printing Industry was successfully held last year. Bookbinding is the first type included in the competition. Before that one-month pre-competition training was held in Shenzhen JMD. Total 137 workers and students participated in the contest, finally 10 won the first prize, among them 8 received pre-competition training, accounting for 80% of the total winners. 27 out of 30 second prize winners participated in the pre-competition training, accounting for 90%. The purpose of it is to promote participants to study their skills diligently, improve their professional skills, and better understand the technical requirements of the competition. This issue a number of representatives who won the first prize of bookbinding finals were selected for special report, thanks for your attention.


Special Report on 2020 National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition (II) Chen Ji

The first prize of the final binding competition

Prepare well and strive for the first class bravely

Chen Ji, Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd

Team leader of JMD Cambridge-12000 binding line



Work hard to win awards


He won the honors of excellent Communist Party member, excellent craftsman talent, advanced individual and model worker of Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. In 2020, on behalf of the company he participated in the National Printing Skills Competition, won the first prize and titled the company's annual excellent team.

titled the "2014 Labor Model" of Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd

titled the "2014 Advanced Individual" of Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd

titled the first prize of Vocational Skills Competition in 2020---the staff group of the 7th National Printing Industry

Titled first prize of the post-printing and binding worker of the staff group in the 2020 Hunan Skills Competition - the second Hunan Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition.

Titled 2021 Excellent craftsman talent awarded by the CPC Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone Working Committee.

Loyal, dedicated and innovative


"If your heart is on the skill and job, it will work

Chen Ji worked in July 1997. Over the past 20 years, started as an apprentice, he grew into a responsible and high-skilled talent gradually,served as the head of the binding line, he was familiar with gathering machine, binder and three-knifes trimmer.He worked hard to learn operation knowledge, kept forging ahead, and had the courage to innovate,which accumulated rich work experience to make his duty into full play.all in all, he had a high theoretical and operation ability.


He innovated constantly and applied what he learned into practice by fully mobilizing his professional knowledge

Invented the "automatic flip" function of book clamps, which saved more than 60000 yuan as labor costs for the company, and expanded the company's subsequent business scope, which was affirmed and praised by the company's leaders.

In order to solve the problem of irregular falling and floating of the book clip, he developed the book clip guide plate and the air blowing regulating device of gathering machine,which played a very important role in binding one folding signatures, thus providing a great guarantee for the production of the binding machine, setting a high production record of no less than 110000 for a consecutive month.

He likes to study repeatedly the problems and difficulties encountered in daily work and published "Several Opinions on the void book spine and Exposed Glue Problem" in the company newsletter, and "Small Innovation Brings Big Benefits" in Hunan Publishing Industry, which had been praised by peers unanimously.


Prepare well and strive for the first class bravely

"The ability is the blade, and the challenge is the sharpening stone. The sharper blade will rust if it is not sharpened for a long time." It was a great challenge for him to participate in the national printing industry professional skills competition, and it is also a sharpening of the blade. Because the theoretical knowledge was not solid enough and there is no competition experience, so he had done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage of the competition, reading every morning, consulting relevant theoretical knowledge online,checking relevant materials in library to understand the processing, consulting with seniors, striving to improve theoretical level and apply it to practice.

"If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools", "sharpen his knife and not miss the woodcutter". He participated in the five-day JMD training organized by the organizing committee. He said: "The lecturers had rich teaching experience and high professional level. I benefited greatly from the explanation of theory, technology and operation. Through professional training, I had a deep understanding of the competition methods, projects and rules, providing us with a clearer direction, more detailed standards, and strengthened confidence."


Challenge yourself and strive for the top

He said: "I learned a lot through this skill competition. For the contestants, the competition is not only about theoretical basis and professional skills, but also about testing their excellent psychological quality, how to calm down and keep agile thinking in tense moments. I believe that any effort is worth it, as long as we treat it with a normal attitude. We don't care about the gains and losses, and we will not regret after trying".

To win the first prize in the competition, first I want to thank the organizers, the Publishing Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the Propaganda Department of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Service.Of course, thanks to the venue and equipment provided by JMD Technology, and most important thing is the five-day training before the competition ".


Chen said: "This time, the opportunity to compete with the industry experts and the binding elite is very rare. I cherish it very much and have met many good teachers and friends in the same industry. The purpose of the competition is not only to achieve good results, but also to promote learning, work, reform and combination of competition and learning. I will make full use of the opportunity of this competition to promote work and improve the binding quality. I will advance with more enthusiasm and higher morale to meet new challenges and tests ahead.Carefully prepare and correctly view the win and loss; Fly over your dreams, challenge yourself, and strive for the top ".



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