saddle stitching


Rose-12000 Saddle Stitching System

Rose-12000 Saddle Stitching System is specially designed and firmly built by employing European top quality standards and using the world's leading stitching technologies. It is capable to perform a wide range of stitching formats cost-effectively and in a timely manner. It features on high productivity at speeds up to 12,000 cycles per hour with consistently reliable production, which makes it an ideal choice for medium to large runs.


Pearls-8000 Saddle Stitching System

The Pearls-8000 is a cost-effective entry level saddle stitching system from JMD. It can achieve high efficient production at speeds of up to 8,000 cycles per hour with excellent stitching quality. The clearly arranged, compact design and central touch screen control allow the machine operator to monitor the prodution process conveniently. Simple operation combined with the space saving layout makes this machine an ideal choice for commercial runs.


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