Perfect Binder Superbinder-200F

Superbinder-200F is a newly upgraded four-clamp perfect binder with max. mechanical speed up to 2000 cycles per hour. It employs the modern industrial design, and new upgrades on the critical stations for quick changeover and superior binding quality. Superbinder-200F is an ideal solution to fulfill your every demand for both digital and offset production with quick return on investment.


Digital FoldLine 180

Digital FoldLine 180 is a high-speed web to book block finishing solution, which can fold and cut the digital printed paper web into signatures, and then stack the signatures into complete book blocks for the downstream binding process.


Rose-12000 Saddle Stitching System

Rose-12000 Saddle Stitching System is specially designed and firmly built by employing European top quality standards and using the world's leading stitching technologies. It is capable to perform a wide range of stitching formats cost-effectively and in a timely manner. It features on high productivity at speeds up to 12,000 cycles per hour with consistently reliable production, which makes it an ideal choice for medium to large runs.


NewBridge Perfect Binder

The NewBridge is JMD’s latest innovation of fully automatic perfect binding solution with max. speed up to 12,000 cycles/hour. It provides short make-ready time, high productivity and outstanding binding quality, which is an ideal solution for the printing companies to stay competitive in the ever-changing markets and win more opportunities to increase the profits.


Cambridge-12000 Perfect Binder

The Cambridge-12000 Binding System is the most efficient and the most impressive high performance perfect binding line from JMD. It features high production speed, short make-ready time and outstanding binding quality. Cambridge-12000 Binding System is an ideal choice for large printing houses to improve production efficiency and save labor cost.

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