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    • Commodity name: Digital Finishing Solution DT-30 Digital Three Knife Trimmer
    • Commodity ID: DT-30

    The DT-30 digital three-sided cut is designed to meet the requirements of digital post-printing binding. The machine is small and simple, high degree of automation, high precision cutting, and adopts friendly man-machine operation interface. The machine is convenient and fast to operate, which can be connected to production and independent operation to meet various production needs.

    DT-30 Digital Three Knife Trimmer

    Shorter Changeover Time, Better Trimming Effect

    DT-30 Digital Three-Knife Trimmer is specially designed for the growing demand of fully automatic three-knife trimmer for short runs. It is featured with easy operation with high automation, fast changeover and flexible in-line production. DT-30 Digital Three-Knife Trimmer can be used off-line or in-line for efficient on-demand production. 


    Outstanding Features

    High Automation: All the critical setups can be made automatically by inputting the untrimmed size and finished size on the touch screen for quick changeover. 

    Fast Changeover: No adjustment is required when the book thickness changes. The changeover for books with different size can be completed in just few minutes.

    In-line Production: It is capable to connect in-line with JMD perfect binders Digital Robot 2000A and 2000C to form a binding system with higher production efficiency. 

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    • JMD
    • Digital Three Knife Trimmer
    • Digital Finishing Solution
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    User-Friendly Human-Machine Interface

    All the critical setups can be done automatically and accurately by inputting the untrimmed size and finished size into the touch screen with memory of 60 different job setups.

    Untrimmed Books Push-in Section 

    The stroke and push-in speed of untrimmed books to the trimming section is controlled by servo motor.


    Pressing Section

    The pressing pressure can be adjusted automatically according to the thickness of each book stack or the manually set data.

    Trimming Section

    Automated and accurate knife movement ensures sharp and accurate trimming for clean finished books.

  • Machine Model


    Uncut book block size

    Max: 370x330mm

    Min: 145x105mm

    Size of book block after cutting

    Max.: 360x300mm

    Min: 140x100mm

    Cutting thickness


    Maximum cutting speed

    15 c/min

    Machine power



    *The machine design and specifications are subject to change without any notice.

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