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    • Commodity name: Digital Finishing Digital Robot 2000A
    • Commodity ID: Digital Robot 2000A

    Digital Robot 2000A is a fully automated four-clamp perfect binder with high flexibilty for off-line and near-line book binding production for on-demand printing.

    Digital Robot 2000A

    Flexible Print-On-Demand Perfect Binding Solution

    Digital Robot 2000A is a fully automated four-clamp perfect binder with high flexibilty for off-line and near-line book binding production for on-demand printing. It features fully automated set-up, integrated book thickness measurement, short changeover time for various binding formats, interchangeable EVA and PUR system (option), which makes Digital Robot 2000A an ideal solution for both digital and offset production. 


    Outstanding Features: 

    High Production Efficiency: Binding production speed can reach up to 1,600 books/hour, together with best-in-class binding quality for both digital and offset production.

    User Friendly and Easy Operation: User-friendly operation interface and automatic error diagnostic system insure consistent high quality production by any operator.

    Modular Design with Flexible Extensions: Modular design provides broad connectivity to digital three-knife trimmer and digital stacker to achieve an intergrated production line.  

    Optional PUR Gluing System: User-oriented moveable glue tank design allows changeover between EVA and PUR glue application system in just minutes.


    Machine Layout:


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    Touch Screen Control System

    The icon-based 10-inch touch screen enables ease of operation.

    The control system can memorize 99 jobs and be accessed for repeated jobs.

    Spine Gluing & Side Gluing Stations

    The spine glue length and the side gluing discs are adjusted automatically. 

    Interchangeable spine gluing system allows easy changeover between EVA and PUR.

    Cover Feeding Station

    The special in-feed design from the bottom enables that cover sheets can be added on the fly without stopping the production.

    The side gauges of cover feeding station and position of cover scoring wheels are automatically adjusted according to the input data. 

    Nipping Station

    Thanks to the strong and rigid nipping

    mechanism, covers can be precisely and firmly nipped with the book blocks to obtain perfectly-shaped book spines. 

    The opening width of nipping plates and side gauges are automatically adjusted.

  • Machine Model

    Digital Robot 2000A

    No. of Clamps


    Max. Mechanical Speed

    2000 c/h

    Book Block Length (a)


    Book Block Width (b)


    Book Block Thickness (c)


    Cover Length (d)


    Cover Width (e)


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