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Breaking 116,000 copies! ▏Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. sets a new record for single-shift production!


Breaking 116,000 copies!

Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. sets a new record for single-shift production


Mission · Responsibility · Commitment 

"Textbooks delivered before class, one copy per person" is an important political task for Shanxi Xinhua and the glorious mission and sacred duty of its employees. In August 2020, textbook printing entered its peak stage. To ensure the smooth delivery of textbooks before the start of the semester, all employees of Shanxi Xinhua worked together, united as one, and bravely undertook the responsibility of "textbooks delivered before class, one copy per person". They fulfilled their mission, fought continuously, and made every effort to ensure this goal was met.


Competitive PK · Setting New Records

On August 18th, the printing work for the semester entered a crucial and decisive stage, and Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. continuously broke production records. The Cambridge-12000 high-speed adhesive binding line ran non-stop for 24 hours, with two teams of employees competing against each other, overcoming challenges, working overtime, and passionately engaging in the frontlines. In the end, the single-shift production record was broken with 116,700 copies!


Upgrading Equipment · Increasing Production Capacity

In April 2017, Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. purchased their first Cambridge-12000 adhesive binding line.

In May 2020, they purchased another Cambridge-12000 adhesive binding line.

On August 18, 2020, both Cambridge-12000 high-speed adhesive binding lines were running at full speed, with a single-shift production capacity reaching 116,700 copies and a daily output exceeding 230,000 copies, setting a new record for Shanxi Xinhua.

For over a decade, Shanxi Xinhua has ensured the efficient and high-quality distribution of textbooks, supplementary materials, and various types of books in society, meeting the needs of a wide range of readers. As a long-term partner of Shanxi Xinhua, JMD has witnessed the achievements and glory of Shanxi Xinhua along the way.


About Shanxi Xinhua

Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shanxi Publishing and Media Group, serving as a printing demonstration enterprise base in Shanxi Province. It holds a national secret carrier printing qualification, Grade B (national unified examination paper category) qualification, and a Level 3 enterprise for safety production standardization.

The company has successively obtained green printing certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. It boasts scientific management methods, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, and a comprehensive after-sales service system.

Congratulations to Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. for entering the new industrial park. In the future, JMD is willing to continue deepening cooperation with Shanxi Xinhua, integrate development, and make greater contributions to the printing industry.

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