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Eighth National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition for Binding Workers Finals Kicks Off


The finals of the eighth National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition for binding workers, co-sponsored by the State Administration of Press and Publication, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, hosted by the China Printing Technology Association, and co-organized by Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Polytechnic, and other units, was inaugurated at Shenzhen JMD Digital Culture Industry Park on May 30th. Nearly 200 people attended the opening ceremony, including leaders and guests from the organizing units, competition judges, supervisors, and finalists from 27 competition regions nationwide. The opening ceremony was hosted by Mr. Guo Ming, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Printing Technology Association.



Guests attending the opening ceremony included Zheng Bin, Chairman of Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., Xiang Chao, Deputy Director of the Printing and Distribution Office of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department, Mao Qingyun, President of the Guizhou Provincial Printing Industry Association, Fu Yong, Deputy President and Secretary-General of the Shanghai Printing Industry Association, and Wang Zhongchun, Vice President of the Jiangsu Province Printing Industry Association.



With the national anthem playing, the opening ceremony officially began. Deputy Secretary-General Guo Ming said: "This competition marks the second time that the binding worker category has been included in the national vocational skills competition. As China's leading post-printing binding brand, JMD bears the important responsibility of promoting the rise of China's national printing industry brand and has served as the co-organizer of the national finals venue for two consecutive sessions. Breaking through ourselves and striving for the first place is our goal. We look forward to outstanding achievements in this competition from skilled elites in the binding field from all over the country."




Subsequently, Wang Chuanyu, a student from Tianjin Vocational University, took an oath on behalf of the contestants. Under the leadership of chief judge Shen Guorong, all judges also solemnly pledged to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the competition.



At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Guo Ming, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Printing Technology Association, and Mr. Zheng Bin, Chairman of Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., jointly sounded the gong to start the competition. Let's witness the contestants' performance together.







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