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    • Commodity name: Perfect Binder Superbinder-8000e
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    Perfect Binder Superbinder(Super)-8000 Plus binding linkage line is a new upgraded version of the original Superbinder-8000 binding linkage line, set the latest technology, process, design in one, with high speed binding standard, redefine the quality of domestic binding linkage line. As a new upgraded product, from matching pages to binding to cutting, each link is designed to achieve more stable and efficient binding production, can bring you long-term high performance and stability.

    Superbinder-8000e Perfect Binder

    Superbinder-8000e is a 21-clamp fully automated perfect binding system with speed up to 8,000 cycles/ hour, which can satisfy the high requirements for both offset and digital printing. It features on high degree of automation, high productivity and outstanding binding quality, which makes it an ideal choice for printing companies to handle various jobs with quick changeover. 

    Outstanding Features:

    Full Automation: Fully automated setup and changeover can be performed in a few minutes by simply inputting binding formats into the touch screen.

    High Productivity: High production speed up to 8,000 books/hour can be achieved, which increases greatly the net output and cost-effectiveness. 

    Outstanding Binding Quality: Two spine glue tanks and two nipping stations ensure a strong and accurate outstanding binding effect with perfectly-shaped book spines.


    Machine Layout: 


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    Spine Preparation Stations

    Three spine preparation stations provide for spine roughening, milling, notching and brushing. 

    The opening width and height of the roughening, milling and notching stations are fully automated adjusted according to the setting. 


    Gluing Application System

    Double spine gluing stations with one side gluing station guarantee optimal gluing effect.

    The spine glue length and the side glue 

    rollers opening with are automatically adjusted.


    Cover Feeding & Scoring Unit

    The specially designed dual-axis scoring rollers of large diameter enable straight and nice-looking scoring lines.

    The opening width of cover scoring is automatically adjusted according to the book thickness. 


    Two Nipping Stations

    Two superior nipping stations exert powerful nipping pressure to create strong and durable binds with perfectly-shaped book spines.

    The opening width and height of nipping stations are automatically adjusted. 

  • Machine Model


    No. of Clamps


    Max. Mechanical Speed

    8000 c/h

    Book Block Length (a)


    Book Block Width (b)


    Book Block Thickness (c)


    Cover Length (d)


    Cover Width (e)


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