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Successful Completion of Post-press Binding Technology Training for the Printing Industry in Xinjiang


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Improving employee skills and knowledge through training

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Group Photo of the Graduation Ceremony for JMD Post-press Binding Technology Training Course


To promote the rapid development of the printing industry in remote areas of Xinjiang, enhance the technical and theoretical knowledge and practical skills of printing industry technicians, and improve enterprise production efficiency, the Xinjiang Printing Association, as the organizer of this training event, together with JMD as a co-organizer, carried out the "Post-press Binding Technology Training for the Printing Industry in Xinjiang" event. Through the efforts of the Xinjiang Printing Association, various printing enterprises in Xinjiang, and JMD, the training was successfully completed. A total of 30 participants attended the training, representing over 20 enterprises from Xinjiang, including long-term clients of JMD and new friends who will cooperate in the future. JMD is committed to contributing to the improvement of talent skills and the rapid development of the printing industry in the Xinjiang region.


"Everyone should learn solid skills and knowledge earnestly, and work hard to create benefits for enterprises, serve enterprises, society, and the nation," said Mr. Yang Weidong, Director of the Xinjiang Printing Association, in his opening speech at the event.


"Learn advanced knowledge, become highly skilled personnel, JMD is willing to share advanced knowledge and experience, make efforts and contributions to the cultivation of industry talents, and promote the rapid development of the printing industry," said Mr. Zheng Bin, Chairman and General Manager of Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.


"The rich theoretical course content stimulates learning enthusiasm"

The training content focused on the knowledge points of glue binding production lines, covering practical operation, adjustment, maintenance, and upkeep of the equipment, as well as electrical theory, post-press binding techniques, and binding quality defect analysis.

The training materials and video teaching were combined to make the learning more vivid and engaging. Through the instructor's detailed explanations and patient answers, the trainees were able to quickly grasp the knowledge and understanding, taking notes diligently during the class and discussing common issues encountered in daily production with the instructor after class.


"Linking theory with practice, learning for application"

Although the training time was short, everyone's learning attitude and enthusiasm were very positive. During the practical operation sessions, everyone listened carefully to the instructor's explanations, demonstrations, and answers to questions. Through this training exchange, the participants not only gained a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience but also met many outstanding colleagues in the industry. The training has inspired workers to learn and strengthen their technical skills, which has significant implications for promoting the continuous development of the printing industry in Xinjiang and improving the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Through this training, the participants gained an understanding of the post-press binding process, glue binding production line operation and usage standards, equipment maintenance and upkeep, and binding quality requirements. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills enabled the trainees to fully grasp the characteristics and working principles of binding equipment, improving their operational skills, reducing errors, and saving production time. This allows operators and machines to perform at their highest level in production, creating greater economic benefits for enterprises. In the one-week training, the participants achieved a dual improvement in theoretical knowledge and practical operation skills, reaping substantial rewards and returning home with a wealth of knowledge.



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