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Chairman Zheng Bin Attends Xi'an University of Technology Report Session and Donation Ceremony


"Choosing a Career, a Spouse, and a Life: The Importance of Choices" Report Session

On March 25, Mr. Zheng Bin, Chairman of Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., was invited by the School of Printing, Packaging and Digital Media at Xi'an University of Technology to give a lecture for students who are about to graduate. The theme was "Choosing a Career, a Spouse, and a Life: The Importance of Choices." He also attended the teaching equipment donation ceremony and the Xi'an University of Technology 2021 "Printing and Packaging Industry" special job fair held on March 26.

In the report, Chairman Zheng Bin deeply explained "how to choose and the importance of choices in life" from the three aspects of "choosing a career, a spouse, and a life." He used many real-life examples, closely related to students' lives, and profoundly clarified that "making wise choices is more important than working hard. Only by making good choices can one avoid detours in life."

Zheng's speech was rich in content, thought-provoking, and resonated with the students. Zheng said, "I hope that this report can truly help students understand the importance of making choices at critical moments in life, think carefully about making their own choices, and not regret making wrong decisions due to rashness when they look back ten years later. That is the value of today's speech."


School-Enterprise Cooperation and Donation Ceremony


On March 25, Xi'an University of Technology and Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. held a school-enterprise cooperation and teaching equipment donation ceremony on campus. The main leaders attending the meeting included Dean Fang Changqing of the School of Printing, Packaging and Digital Media, Director Cao Congjun of the Teacher Development Center at Xi'an University of Technology, Secretary Wang Lingyun of the School of Printing, Packaging and Digital Media, Vice Dean Zheng Yuanlin, Chairman Zheng Bin of Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., and Vice General Manager Liu Wen.

Dean Fang Changqing of the School of Printing, Packaging and Digital Media accepted the teaching equipment donated by Shenzhen JMD Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. and awarded a donation certificate to JMD. The meeting concluded in a friendly and warm atmosphere, and both parties expressed that they would continue to deepen cooperation in the future, promote high-quality applied talent training, and consolidate the foundation for talent training quality.

This school-enterprise cooperation enables students to further understand the new technologies and developments of enterprises and accurately align teaching with enterprises, which is also a solid step on the path of cooperation between schools and enterprises to "cultivate high-quality talents".

On March 26, JMD also participated in the "Printing and Packaging Industry" special job fair.

In the future, JMD will continue to deepen cooperation with Xi'an University of Technology to attract more outstanding high-quality talents.



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