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All-Printing Exhibition Committee Leaders Visit JMD


On June 12, 2020, Chu Tingliang, Executive Vice President of the China Printing Technology Association, Chang Xiaoxia, General Manager of Beijing Keyin Media and Culture Co., Ltd., and Liu Yiping, Deputy General Manager, visited JMD for a tour. They were accompanied by the company's Chairman Zheng Bin and Deputy General Manager of the Marketing Center, Liu Wen, to visit the production workshop and office building.

During the meeting, Chairman Zheng first expressed his gratitude for the association's support and attention to JMD over the years. At the same time, both sides engaged in enthusiastic discussions on the current status and future development direction of the printing industry. Zheng stated that the printing industry is developing in two directions: traditional printing digitization and digital printing. Any intelligentization should be based on reliability and stability. Therefore, it is essential to build a solid foundation for product technology to ensure high-speed intelligence of the equipment. In addition, Zheng suggested that a standard system for digital printing should be established as soon as possible to adapt to the rapid development of digital printing.

Mr. Chu Tingliang, Executive Vice President of the China Printing Technology Association, said that the association would actively adopt suggestions from printing enterprises, play a platform role and actively promote the high-speed intelligent development of Chinese printing enterprises with a high-quality service consciousness.

At the end of the conversation, both parties expressed that they would carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in projects, standards, exhibitions, training, and competitions in the future.



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