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Customer case -- Henan Xinhua Printing Group Co., LTD


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Henan Xinhua Printing Group is a subsidiary of Zhongyuan Land Media Co., LTD. It covers an area of 123 square meters with factory 90 square meters.The total assets were 460 million yuan , total revenue was 214 million yuan, and employees were more than 810 by the end of 2017. With main business covering professional printing of teaching materials, teaching AIDS, books, periodicals, newspapers, photo albums, commercial advertising materials and other products,it equipped with Martini, Heidelberg, JMD and other post-printing production lines and international advanced machine group, like M600 commercial rotary machine, Heidelberg four-color offset press and eight-color offset rotary etc. Additionally there was a full digital control  printing line. Automatic control three-dimensional warehouse was applied initially.



History of cooperation
● In 2017, purchased JMD Cambridge-12000 high-speed binding line 1set;
● In 2019, purchased JMD Cambridge-12000 high-speed binding line 1set;

In October 2018, an intelligent strategic cooperation agreement was jointly signed by Henan Xinhua Printing Group and Shenzhen JMD Machine Co., LTD.




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