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The second "JMD" Cup post-printing star enterprise selection was concluded successfully


On September 26, 2010, in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, more than 200 people of printing associations and printing enterprises from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang attended the award ceremony of the second "JMD" Cup post-printing Star Enterprise Selection activity. Cao Hongsui, Deputy Director (Printing, Reproduction and Distribution Management Department of General Administration of Press and Publication), Yu Yongzhan, Director, Zhang Shuangru, Executive Vice Director (China Printing Technology Association),  Zhang Shuli, (researcher of Printing and Reproduction Management Office of Beijing Press and Publication Bureau), Ren Yucheng, Director (Beijing Printing Association), Zhang Genxiang, director ( PLA Printing Association) and other leaders attended the ceremony and presented awards to the winning enterprises.

33 out of 70 companies were selected as "JMD Cup" post-printing star enterprises this time. 


The second "JMD" Cup post-printing star Enterprise:
Beijing Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Lianshengxingye Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Shihan Lingyun Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Mingcheng Printing Co. LTD
China Agriculture Press printing House
Beijing Printing Factory No.2
Beijing Changlian Printing Co. LTD
Tianjin Jincai Art Printing Co. LTD
Tianjin Xinhua II Printing Co. LTD
Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co., LTD
Tianjin China Railway Materials Printing Co. LTD
Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Shanxi People Printing Co. LTD
Heilongjiang Longjiang Media Co. LTD
Harbin Randi Commercial Printing Co. LTD
Harbin Boqi Printing Co. LTD
Harbin Classic Printing Co. LTD
Printing house of the people's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Inner Mongolia Enkesai Beautiful Printing Co., LTD
Inner Mongolia Northern Printing Co. LTD
Inner Mongolia Chifeng Caishi Printing Co. LTD
Hebei Tianpurun printing plant
Hebei Xinhua Second Printing Plant Co. LTD
Zhuozhou Xinghe Printing Co. LTD
Dachang Yili Printing Co. LTD
Printing Technology Institute of Liaoning Province
Shenyang Meicheng Online Printing Co., LTD
Shenyang Tianze Color Advertising Printing Co. LTD
Shenyang Xinhua Printing Factory
Changchun Second Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Spring Xinhua Printing Group Co. LTD
Changchun People Printing Co. LTD
Jilin Longdian Group Longtu Color Printing Co. LTD


▲ General Manager Zheng Bin presented awards to the winning enterprises



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