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The third "JMD Cup" post-printing star companies selection results were released


From July 26 to 29, 2013, the third "JMD Cup" post-printing Star Enterprise Selection Activity was held in Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, attracting nearly 300 printing industry experts and business people to participate in. According to the selection plan of "JMD Cup "post-printing star enterprises, the evaluation committee composed of 16 experts carefully assessed that products of 32 enterprises had met the<quality standards and requirements of hardcover and paperback>in the selection activity, and were awarded as the second "JMD Cup "post-printing star enterprises.


The winners list was in below (in no particular order) :
Beijing Renwei printing Factory
Beijing Lifeng Accor Great Wall Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Artron Color Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Tianyu Star printing Factory
Beijing Hualian Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Shengtong Printing Co.,Ltd
Chemical Industry Press printing house
Heilongjiang Xinhua Printing Factory No. 2 Co. LTD
Heilongjiang Classic Printing Co. LTD
Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education printing Factory
Heilongjiang Xinhua Printing Group Co. LTD
Changchun People Printing Co. LTD
Changchun Jiguang Media Group Co. LTD
Shenyang Xinhua Printing Factory
Printing Technology Institute of Liaoning Province
Liaoning Meicheng Online Printing Co. LTD
Shenyang Tianze Color Advertising Printing Co., LTD
Tianjin Haishun Printing & Packaging Co., LTD
Tianjin Huiyuan Printing Co. LTD
Tianjin Homai Printing Co. LTD
Tianjin Yinbo Printing Technology Development Co. LTD
Hebei Xinhua First Printing Co. LTD
Baoding Zhonghua Meikai Printing Co. LTD
Tangshan Runfeng Printing Co., LTD
Sanhe Wanlong Printing Co., LTD
Shanxi People Printing Co. LTD
Shanxi Institute of Building Science printing plant
Shanxi Jiaxiang Printing and Packaging Co., LTD
Inner Mongolia Aixinda Education Printing Co. LTD
Chifeng Caishi Printing Co., LTD
Hohhot Baiyin Printing Co. LTD
Inner Mongolia Mineral printing plant



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