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Inherit the "craftsman spirit"!Tibet Xinhua printing plant - YUNDENGCIREN | JMD series coverage(5) 6s workshop management for efficient production


Inherit the "craftsman spirit"! Cultivate highly skilled talents

---JMD series coverage(5)


recent years, the state had attached great importance to the training of highly skilled personnel, who were the backbone force to promote scientific and technological innovation and progress. However, its proportion in the national workforce was very small, only about 50 million, accounting for 7.28% of the total national workforce.

In order to solve the shortage and promote the development of high-quality talents in the printing industry. since 2006, JMD binding training course" was held for 15 consecutive years,so far 33 times had been held successfully, thousands of senior skilled talents had been trained.In order to fully demonstrate the pioneering role of the trainees, the activity "to inherit the Craftsman Spirit! "Training highly skilled talents" had been launched since June. Several outstanding trainees were selected from the previous "JMD binding training course" for special coverage, thanks for your attention.


JMD Series Coverage (5)

Yundeng Ciren Tibet Xinhua Printing Factory

"Excellent Trainee" of the 14th JMD binding Line Training Course


6S workshop management for efficient production

Yundeng Ciren, deputy director of the binding workshop

Behind the honor is hard work and sweat






Diligent and studious to improve himself


In 2004, he started to work in Tibet Xinhua Printing Factory. Looking back on the 16 years, he grew from a fresh graduate to the deputy director of the bookbinding workshop. there were tears and joy these years. The bookbinding technology developed rapidly, he had to absorb the work related new knowledge constantly to improve the quality and knowledge reserve. In work and training, he wrote study notes carefully, mastered new skills, which laid a solid foundation for completing his work. At the same time, he also learned from the leaders and colleagues around him by exchanging working experience, improving working methods, and make progress together. He said that he would become better by learning from good people.

Carry forward the team spirit, stick to unity and forge ahead

Bookbinding work is composed of many trivial, complex but important things. Yundengciren knew that the power of teamwork is far greater than the ability of individuals.1+1>2 effect can only be achieved by working together. Although the binding work is the last process of the printing link, but each link is very important and needs close cooperation of all departments. He attaches great importance to teamwork and consciously creates and develops the  atmosphere which is conducive to teamwork. When there was a problem, he will refer to literature and get familiar with relevant knowledge. He is innovative, proactive and effectively. "good tools are essential to do the job wellin order to better control the Cambridge-12000 binding line, he made binding work related learning plan and participated in two "JMD Binding Training course", and won the award of outstanding trainee in the 14th one.He actively helps new employees improve their business level,solve problems and lead the team to grow together.

6S workshop management for efficient production
   Yundengciren attaches great importance to the 6S management of the workshop: sorting, rectification, sweeping, cleaning, literacy and safety. He believes that the quality of site management not only reflect the management level of the workshop, but also reflect whether all employees have cohesion and development potential. Efficient and lean production requires excellent production environment and excellent employee quality. Employees should be organized and have safety awareness. They should treat the company like their own home and keep it clean and tidy.

In addition, he also supervised the production process, organized and implemented workshop production plan guidance, rationally deployed personnel and equipment, and controlled workshop production costs by adjusting production layout and production load, so as to improve production efficiency and maximize production benefits. While improving the production quality, he also pays great attention to the production safety of employees and often organizes the workshop production staff to participate in production safety and skills training.

Binding training to improve knowledge ability
   In 2012, he participated in "JMD 14th Binding Line Training Course" and  titled "Excellent Trainee".

"During the training, the instructors teach the trainees with rich professional knowledge and teaching experience," said Wunten Tsering. Teaching process is clear with logical thinking. Students are guided to take an active part in classroom teaching by the common knowledge of safety operation in daily life and work. The classroom atmosphere is active,and the teaching effect is very good.The training teacher is familiar with the syllabus and can always achieve the teaching purpose by combining theory with practice,so as to strengthen the learning exchange between students and guide students to take the initiative to study and discuss. Thanks for the training opportunity provided by JMD, hope that he will work harder in the future and make contribution to the development of Tibet Xinhua in New Era.




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