Mechanical engineer

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Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Young people from all over the world gather in JMD for a common goal: to continuously provide customers with excellent binding products and perfect customer service.

JMD is eager for talent, know that the core competitiveness of the enterprise is talent. Whether your major is mechanical, electrical, business or marketing, there is a suitable position for you to choose from.

The perfect on-the-job training here allows you to quickly step into the role, become an industry expert to realize the value of life; The competitive income level of the industry allows you to focus on your own development and solve your worries; The rich group building activities let you feel the warmth of the JMD family, enrich your spare time life.

JMD will be the best choice for your career challenge. Come on, build the future together with JMD!

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