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JMD's 29th Perfect Binding Line Training Course Successfully Concludes in Yangzhong Printing, Jiangsu!


In the golden autumn season, with the fragrance of osmanthus in the air, JMD held its 29th Perfect Binding Line Training Course at Yangzhong Printing Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu from September 18th to September 27th. Students from large-scale book and magazine printing companies across the country successfully completed their training after finishing their scheduled learning tasks.

Graduation photo of the 29th Training Course


Leaders of Yangzhong Printing Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu attended the opening ceremony and addressed the attendees. The training venue was fully occupied, and the courses were diverse and exciting.

General Manager Miao of Yangzhong Printing addresses the opening ceremony


The training content was rich and practical, and the lively interactive teaching style was refreshing and engaging for the students. The participants expressed that this training was different from previous ones that focused solely on theoretical knowledge; it combined theory with real-life production examples, making it more down-to-earth and in line with the current training needs of printing companies.

Senior training instructor, Teacher Li, teaching the course


In addition to classroom instruction, the trainees also went to the production frontlines. JMD's senior training instructor, Teacher Li, personally demonstrated machine operation, patiently explained and analyzed the process for the students, provided theoretical guidance for practice, and maintained good interaction and communication with the trainees.

Teaching on-site


After the ten-day teaching session, all students passed the assessment with excellent results and received their honor certificates. Teacher Li encouraged the students to continue their efforts in future learning and to apply the knowledge they learned to their companies' production processes.

Students' practical assessment 

Mr. Miao of Yangzhong Printing (first from the left) presents awards to outstanding students

Manager Dong of JMD (first from the left) presents awards to outstanding teams

Group photo of JMD's 29th Perfect Binding Line Training Course


Yangzhong Printing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu

Yangzhong Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 1955 and is a printing demonstration company in Jiangsu Province. It has been successively named as a "National-level Designated Enterprise for Book and Magazine Printing" by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television, a national printing industry enterprise with AAA-level credit, a provincial "Double Excellent Integrity" printing company, and an advanced unit of the provincial government's Press and Publication Award. It is a key backbone printing company for primary and secondary school textbooks in Jiangsu Province and Shanghai, as well as one of the six printing factories in the province for the 19th National Congress documents.

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