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Gather Team Strength and Charge Forward to 2021!


As 2020 comes to an end, it has been a tense and busy year. We are about to enter the new year with a brand new look. To strengthen team building and cohesion, JMD organized a unique and special team building event. Through this activity, we promoted employees' tacit cooperation, enhanced communication among employees, relaxed their mood, boosted their enthusiasm for work, and improved the team's cohesion and spirit of striving for excellence and resilience.

In the warm morning sunshine, we were all in high spirits and ready to go. Everyone lined up neatly, looking energetic and enthusiastic. The participants were divided into three groups, each led by a team leader. After everyone checked in, we set off! The journey was filled with beautiful scenery, including towering mountains and the vast sea.

The intense CS field battle began! After the battle started, the participants initially engaged in simple firefights, but later on, they gradually adopted strategies and methods to fight courageously and charge ahead. Through the power of the team, we finally found the ultimate goal, "beheaded" the opposing team leader, and achieved the final victory. The CS field battle helped to cultivate employees' overall awareness and goal orientation, and enhance the team's cooperation and execution capabilities. In our work, we should also have a sense of teamwork, identify goals, persevere, unite, strive for excellence, and actively complete various tasks.

Another exciting event was the tug-of-war competition, which was divided into two groups: the Production Department vs. the Machining Department, and the Marketing Center vs. the General Manager's Office, Finance Department, Technical Department, and Procurement Department. As soon as the whistle sounded, both teams were full of enthusiasm and united to pull the rope tightly. The red rope in the middle moved back and forth, testing our perseverance and physical strength. Everyone's efforts contributed to the overall outcome, as the saying goes, "With united hearts, Mount Tai can be moved." The same is true in our work. Only when we cooperate tacitly can we form an invincible collective, because unity is strength. The success and development of the enterprise are inseparable from the unity, striving for excellence, and resilience of every employee. Let's use our wisdom and sweat to create a brilliant future for the company! As long as we work together and unite sincerely, JMD will surely stand at the top of the world.

During the barbecue and bonfire party, everyone set up grills, lit the fire, and skewered delicious ingredients. As the ingredients turned golden brown, the air was filled with mouthwatering aromas. Surrounded by the enchanting natural scenery, everyone gathered around the bonfire, singing and dancing to the beautiful melodies. Through this team building event, we discovered several "singing stars" who performed effortlessly. Each song was a classic, and the audience's applause was non-stop. Their inspiring singing refreshed our spirits.

A new year is approaching. Let's continue to challenge ourselves, take responsibility, gather team strength, unite as one, strive for excellence, and be resilient and brave! Let's set off for 2021! Charge, comrades!

The New Year is almost here, and JMD wishes you a thriving career, a happy family reunion! Happy New Year! Great luck in the Year of the Ox! May the energy of the ox fill the sky! May we work together to create a new brilliance!



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