JMD cup

This is a professional selection activity carried out nationwide with title of JMD

The 7th "JMD Cup" post-printing star enterprises, excellent leading operator selection


On August 22,2017,as the most influential selection activity of domestic post-printing binding------the seventh "JMD" cup post-printing star enterprises, excellent leading operators selection was held in Beijing successfully. According to <"JMD" Cup post-printing Star Enterprises Selection Activity,Quality Standards and requirements for hardcover and paperback>, after careful evaluation of all by the evaluation committee, 22 "JMD" Cup post-printing star enterprises and 10 outstanding leading operators were selected.







the 7th "JMD" Cup post-printing star Enterprise:
Beijing Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Dingjia Century Printing Co. LTD
China Coal (Beijing) Printing Co. LTD
Beijing Ruiguanzhong printing factory
Beijing Kexin Printing Co. LTD
Higher Education Society (Tianjin) Printing Co., LTD
Tianjin Homai Printing Co. LTD
Baoding Zhonghua Meikai Printing Co. LTD
Tangshan Runfeng Printing Co., LTD
Hebei Xinhua First Printing Co. LTD
Gu 'an County Ming Cheng Printing Co., LTD
Shanxi People Printing Co. LTD
Shanxi Chengong Printing and Packaging Co., LTD
Shanxi Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Inner Mongolia Tongliao Education Printing Co. LTD
Inner Mongolia Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Harbin Shiqiao Printing Co. LTD
Heilongjiang Xinhua Printing Factory No. 2 Co. LTD
Changchun Second Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Changchun Xinhua Printing Group Co. LTD
Liaoning Xinhua Printing Co. LTD
Printing Technology Institute of Liaoning Province


The 7th "JMD" Cup Excellent Leading operators:
Yang Lihui (Beijing Zhongke Printing Co., LTD.)
Yan Zhanghui (China Coal (Beijing) Printing Co., LTD)
Zhao Zhanqing (Beijing Longchang Weiye Printing Co., LTD)
Li Hongxin (Tianjin China Railway Materials Printing Co., LTD.)
Cheng Huili (Hebei Xinhua Second Printing Co., LTD.)
Hao Haiwei (Shanxi People Printing Co., LTD.)
Luo Liming (Inner Mongolia Aixinda Education Printing Co., LTD.)
Yu Shuai (Harbin Shiqiao Printing Co., LTD)
Cao Zhaowei (Jilin Science Printing Co., LTD.)
Yang Wei (Liaoning Xinhua Printing Co., LTD.)

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