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    • Commodity name: Digital FoldLine 180
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    Web folding solutions

    Digital FoldLine 180

    High-Speed Web to Book Block Finishing Solution

    Digital FoldLine 180 is a high-speed web to book block finishing solution, which can fold and cut the digital printed paper web into signatures, and then stack the signatures into complete book blocks for the downstream binding process. Digital FoldLine 180 allows efficient short run production, low labor costs and quick changeover for on-demand production. It offers seamless connectivity for in-line with upstream digital printing press and downstream perfect binder to achieve a fully automatic digital production line.


    Outstanding Features: 

    Seamless Workflow: It is capable of seamless integrating with upstream digital printing press and downstream perfect binder into one system with outstanding productivity. 

    Fast Automatic Changeover: Automatic job changeover can be accurately completed down to 5 minutes for format change. There are no changeover times for thickness change. 

    Various Folding Options: Equipped with two folding modules, Digital FoldLine 180 provides various folding options to meet on-demand production requirements.

    Flexible Output Possibilities: The stacking module supports one book block to multiple book blocks per stack, which offers flexible output possibilities for the downstream process.



    Machine Layout:


    Key words:
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    Web Unwind Module

    Automatic web lifting driven by motor and automatic web positioning detection makes the web replacement easy and precise. 

    Thanks to the servo motor for controlling the paper web running speed and tension, it ensures the stable web feeding with the best folding and cutting results.


    Folding Modules 

    Two folding modules provide various folding options to fold the digital printed paper web into signatures.

    Deviation correcting device can automatically adjust the paper web to make it at the correct position before entering into the folding modules.

    Cutting Module

    The cut-off length is controlled by servo motor and automatically adjusted according to the touch screen setting.

    The sensor for detecting the cut-off and jam is equipped to guarantee the best of class cutting effect.


    Stacking Module

    Stacking module is to stack the signatures and then to form the auxiliary glued book-blocks by the glue dispensing device.

    The stacking module supports one book block to multiple book blocks per stack.

  • Unwind Module

    Max. Web Diameter (A)


    Max. Web Width (B)


    Max. Mechanical Speed (C)


    Folding Module

    Max. Web Width (H)

    900 mm

    Folding Accuracy (I)

    ≤1 mm

    Max. Mechanical Speed (J)


    Cutting Module

    Signature Length (E)


    Signature Width (D)


    Cutting Accuracy (F)

    ±0.5 mm

    Max.Mechanical Speed (G)


    Stacking Module

    Book Block Length (K)


    Book Block Width (L)


    Book Block Thickness (M)


    Stacking Speed


    Book Block Delivery Way

    One book by one book, or multiple books in a stack


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